Over the last two years most of our Artisans have had to learn new skills to meet the challenge of sustaining a livelihood in the ever-changing economic and political landscape of Myanmar.

For us, 'sustainability' isn't just about our products being from a sustainable source. We talk about this a lot in the Majority World and, rightly so. But at Pann Nann Ein, sustainability is also sustaining the precious ability of our Artisans so they can have safe, dignified work.


Ma Aye

Ma Aye is one of our card makers and is an expert in cutting the most intricate designs. She has also more recently learnt to make our smaller textile notebooks, as she has a real eye for precision and working systematically.

She lives with her mother but rarely leaves home because of her disability. However, being able to have work at home provides valuable income for her and her family.


Ma Khin

Ma Khin is an expert in the difficult process of making our beautiful journals. This includes visits to and from her village to Yangon for buying materials, getting paper cut and delivering the finished product. She sometimes delivers 50 books at a time!

Ma Khin is a young mother whose income is crucial as she raises her 6 year old son.



Ma Chit

Ma Chit is one of our card makers and has been working with us since we first started.

She’s now married with a three year old son, and the income she receives is crucial in supporting her son and husband.



Ma San 

Ma San is our only grandma and supports and looks after grandchildren at home, as other family members work away. She has recently diversified her crafting skills to include recycled plastic basket weaving and sewing.  



Ma Jue

Ma Jue is one of the sewing team and is a perfectionist, sewing everything to a very high standard.

She is deaf but uses her sign language to communicate with other members and supports her family with the income she receives from her work.


Min Min & Tin Zar

Min Min is deaf but is the most extrovert communicator in our group! He has developed many skills over the years but particularly specialises in screen printing, hand-cut pictures and greeting cards. He also fixes all things electrical in our workshop, which is very useful!

His wife, Tin Zar, is also deaf. She is one of our greeting card producers, and they now have two young daughters which they support with their income.


Ko Lin Aung

Ko Lin Aung was already a skilled embroiderer when he came to work with us. He used to make his living embroidering the intricately sequined traditional Burmese wedding outfits. But, due to downturn in economic situation the demand for these sadly dried up. However, as a true craftsman he's been able to diversify and currently makes a number of our products - from Christmas stars and journals to photo frames and cards. PNE helped him acquire a three wheeled motorised scooter a few years back which he has maintained  meticulously and enables him to live independently.


Ma Pu Pwint 

Pu Pwint is one of our younger members who was a key part of our screen printing team. But, more recently she has diversified her skills into learning to sew our bunting, as well as weave recycled plastic baskets.

Since joining PNE, she's learnt sign language which helps her communicate with fellow workmates.

Pu Pwint lives with her family on a small-holding and during the rainy season she often has to wade through muddy fields as part of her journey to work.


Ma May 

Ma May has cerebral palsy and when she first came to work with us she hardly had strength to control a glue stick! Working with us has been like good physio for her and now she is able to do our screen print calendars with only a little bit of support.

She is such a cheerful member to have around and she supports a widowed mother and younger brother at home.



Ma Moe

Ma Moe is our oldest member and also one of the sewing team.

She is deaf but loves to do Burmese cultural dancing! She lives with her sister and her income enables her to support her family.


Ko Yeh
Ko Yeh has worked at PNE for 8 years now. He makes card envelopes, map journals and gift boxes. He also enjoys helping others and is a very dependable member of the team. 



Lin Htike

Lin Htike is deaf and only started learning sign language when he began working with us - but now he’s even been learning to read and write.

Over the years he has learnt to screen print but most recently works on recycled plastic basket weaving and making our card envelopes.

Income he receives supports his family as he also works on the family small-holding with other siblings.