Ko Yeh

Ko Yeh has worked at PNE for 7 years now. He makes card envelopes, map journals and gift boxes. He also enjoys helping others and is a very dependable member of the team. He supports his elderly mother with his income.

Ma May Thay Hline

Ma May Thay Hline has cerebral palsy and when she first came to work with us she hardly had strength to control a glue stick! Working with us has been like good physio for her and now she is able to do our screen print postcards with only a little bit of support. She is such a cheerful member to have around and she supports a widowed mother and younger brother at home.

Ko Min Min & Ma Tin Zar

Ko Min Min is deaf but is the most extrovert communicator in our group! He has developed many skills over the years and is part of the material screen printing team as well as crafting our fabric journals, hand cut pictures and  greetings cards. He also fixes all things electric in our workshop, which is very useful! His wife, tin zar, who is also deaf is one of our greeting card producers, and they have a young daughter and another one on the way.

Ma Nwe Ni Win

Ma Nwe Ni Win is one of our main greeting card makers. A year ago we were able to get her a battery powered three wheeler, and since then she makes the 30 min journey from home independently, to come and open up the workshop for us! She’s devoted to her elderly parents who she supports with her income.

KoLin Htike

Ko Lin Htike is deaf and only started learning sign language when he started working with us but now he’s even been learning to read and write. He’s a key person in our material screen printing team but, we rather think he would prefer to be a professional footballer! He supports his family through his work and works hard on the family  smallholding with other siblings.

Ma San San Oo

Ma San San Oo is one of our main card makers and recycled paper makers. She is our only grandma and supports and looks after grandchildren at home, as other family members work away.

Ma Pu Pwin Kyo

Ma Pwint used to do a lot of our screen printing. Because she lives further away, she needs more local work. After joining our recycled plastic basket making training, she now makes and sells a range of baskets to transport bananas and other perishables in the local village. 

Ma Khin

Ma Khin has been our main journal maker for years, but when the tourist market collapsed, she started making tofu snacks to sell in her village. In consultation with our staff, she now knows how to make them with clean water and reduced sugar, so its less likely to give the kids stomach ache after eating them! 

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