Our Story

In Myanmar, people with disabilities receive very little social assistance, have limited access to paid work, and are often seen as a burden to their families.

Pann Nann Ein was founded as a local social enterprise in 2013, with a vision to enable people with disabilities to live full, dignified, lives by creating a sustainable livelihood through the producing of high quality handmade products.

“Our focus is to not only teach technical skills but to enable our artisans to grow in confidence and independence, through business and life skills training. That way they can become active members of their families and communities, and instead of being dependents, they can be providers for their families”

– Ma Hnin Phyu Kaung, co-founder of Pann Nann Ein

A number of our artisans are deaf, so everyone within the workshop learns sign language together. This enables everyone to communicate with one another and creates a culture of belonging for all.

In 2015, Pann Nann Ein opened a workshop across the river from downtown Yangon in the town of Dala. This enabled us to extend our range of products, giving more work and more space for new group members to join. We currently work with anywhere between 25–30 adults who have a range of disabilities.

“All of our products we sell are handcrafted by our artisans and are carefully inspected to ensure you receive the highest quality product. Your purchase not only helps to provide a sustainable livelihood for our artisans and their families, but also helps brings dignity to a community that is often give very little”.

– Ma Cho, co-founder of Pann Nann Ein

As part of our wider work, we also do regular ‘craft therapy,’ at the Mental Health hospital in Yangon. Your purchasing of our products thus not only gives decent work for people with disabilities, but also supports activities to benefit those who are not yet not able to access paid work.

Thank you for your interest in our work and the purchasing of our products.

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